All about Bradgate Media

Small, dedicated, committed...


….unparalleled customer attention.

We are a Leicester and Nottingham based business, specialising in the design and production of digital media content for electronic and print publication. Creating websites is at the heart of what we do and often other design and media will spring from that core activity. We have been developing and publishing outstanding websites and intranet sites for over 15 years. We have been actively involved in web design ever since the very early days of the internet revolution.

A great website will often include photography and video as well as compelling text and design. We can, if required, provide all of this and to a very high standard. But if it’s a very small, simple site you are after, we can do that too. We offer scalable solutions to our customers.

We are small and we target our services at small to mid-sized businesses. That focus means we offer unparalleled customer attention. A large design agency simply can’t offer that without a substantial price tag. We also offer exceptional discounts to charity and voluntary organisations, sometimes even creating sites for free.

We also design and produce digital broadcast projects, including advertising and other media for our clients. Being based in the East Midlands means we are able to work throughout the UK and have developed websites and media for a wide variety of businesses and individuals, from large scale intranet sites to single page ads.

We love what we do and we are dedicated to producing great websites and media for our clients.